2016 in South Africa

2016 in South Africa

On the 2nd of February 2016 our outdoor furniture machinery and equipment arrived back in South Africa after having been sold and shipped halfway around the world to China.

Regent Outdoor Furniture, a proudly South African company, started in April 2016. The company was once known as Outdoor Lifestyle and had a long fruitful existence and extremely prominent in the local furniture market. The company unfortunately closed in June 2013 and the reason for its closure was due to the owner relocating to Australia.

After many years absence in the market, the realisation that the general outdoor furniture market had experienced a dramatic change, with companies having to source less than perfect quality furniture from countries such as China. The local market could not compete with the reduced costs in having mass produced stock imported from suppliers internationally.

Furniture Dies arrive from China

For the first few months, ROF had to reinvest much of its time calling on old clients and informing the local market of its return to South Africa. This task of ensuring the markets willingness to welcome back local manufacturing proved promising and gave the company a sense of direction.

 Through our partnered retailers we have enabled exciting opportunities to supply locally manufactured products of extreme quality proudly manufactured by South Africans for Africans.

2017 kicked off with the purchase of a new 1450m squared factory in Newlands JHB to complement our existing 10500m squared foundry and manufacturing operations. Extensive renovations are taking place to accommodate our ever expanding range of quality products. This new factory is soon to be the new home of Regent Outdoor Furniture.


We believe in the product and are investing extensively to ensure that we can meet the growing demand of our expanding customer base. To all our loyal customers we thank you for the support and believe that with our recent investments we will be able to improve our customer service and most importantly the quality of our products.